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'HUNKY' Quartz-Rings


  • 🐠 Materials: Quartz Powder
  • 🐠 1x Quartz Ring Size Specs : (ø15mm X 15mm), 3g, PH 7.1, Porous Ratio 48.21%, Water Absorption 42.09%
  • 🐠 Large Surface Area And Porous Filter Media, Housing Aerobic And Anaerobic Bacteria Species - Keeping Your Little Friends Safe From Ammonia, Nitrite and High Levels Of Nitrate 

Who Are We? Well, we are Hobbyists just like you! We have moulded all of our knowledge and love for the hobby into our AUSSIE business, ‘Hunky-Dory Aquatics’. We provide a range of products needed for a healthy and functional Aquarium, ensuring your beloved fish are Hunky-Dory. We also want to create an identity for our community on an international scale level. Above all, we strive to create a friendly and relaxed society so please do not hesitate to join the fun on one of our social platforms. The team at ‘Hunky-Dory Aquatics’ would like to thank you for your purchase and hope to have the chance to say G’day Soon.

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