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At Hunky Dory Aquatics, we specialise in aquarium filter media, specifically bio filter media, marine filter media and pond filter media. I started the business on the basis that I am passionate about my aquarium, and Bruno, my best friend, deserves the best, so I purchased a ceramic filter media for his new aquarium. I found this to be expensive and felt that I could offer better ceramic filter media and other filter media that were far more cost-effective.

Aquatics are almost my obsession; indeed, many people would tell you that it is! However, in order to be successful, not only in business but in giving my customers what they need, such as a bio filter media for an aquarium, a sump filter media or a fish tank filter media, I needed to increase my knowledge. I searched high and low to find the best aquarium filter media that I would be satisfied using for Bruno, which meant that I was confident selling it to others.

When it comes to aquarium filter media, you must choose a product that will help remove toxins from the water, such as nitrate, nitrite and ammonia, all toxins that can be harmful to the inhabitants of your aquarium. Of course, some filter media are better than others, and someone who requires a marine filter media will have different needs to someone searching for a pond filter media. I appreciate that knowing which one is best for you can be challenging, I found out the hard way, so I am always happy to advise you on the best aquarium filter media for your aquarium.

As you will see on our website, we have a comprehensive range of bio filter media for aquarium. Of course, they have their strengths and weaknesses, but all essentially do the same job of removing toxins from the water. Which product is best for you will be dependent on the size of your aquarium or pond if it is fresh water or salt water, warm water or cold water. While there is extensive information on the internet, some can be misleading and give more of a general overview than considering your circumstances.

Although I am obsessive about aquariums, you will find that I am also professional and very knowledgeable. I am often told that I am friendly and approachable, and I am always willing to make time to help others wherever I can. I want you to get as much enjoyment out of your aquarium as I do without having to overcome any of the pitfalls!

If you are interested in purchasing a fish tank filter media, sump filter media or perhaps a bio media filter, I would be delighted to hear from you. I am happy to assist wherever I can as I now consider myself something of an expert! You can call me +61 433 753 809, email, or alternatively, contact us directly via my website.

I look forward to hearing from you as I love talking to people who are equally as passionate about their aquarium as I am!